Driveway/Walkway or Stairway Deicing System

Getting tired of plowing, shoveling and salting your driveway? Or perhaps, concerned with the damage the salt and calcium chloride is doing to your stairs & walkways? Before you build a new driveway, pathway or stairs, or before you resurface your existing driveway, you may want to consider a new Snow Melting System.

The Snow Melting Mats we could install just under the finished surface of your Driveway/Walkway or Stair Treads, will keep the surface of these areas, just warm enough to prevent snow & ice from accumulating. Combined with some necessary control accessories, the Snow Melting System will automatically maintain a ground surface temperature just above freezing levels wherever the mats have been installed. At approximately 50 Watts per square foot, the 240 Volt snow melting mats may necessitate a Service Upgrade to the Home in order to supply the power required to operate the Snow Melting System.

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