Did you know that there are more Power Outages due to WINDS than to SNOW?  Are you uncomfortable when warned of an upcoming March Storm ?

Let JARS Electric Corporation size up a Generator to your specific needs !  Why wait until a tree in your neighborhood falls on a power line, killing power to your Home until the Power Utility can find the time to service you and the rest of your neighborhood. 

Many of our satisfied Generator Customers have stories to tell about week-long Power Outages in their past, and their trek to the BIG BOX  Store to buy whatever Portable Generator they could find, to simply restore their heat and water to their home.  Those who were lucky enough to find a small but usable Portable Generator, were soon disappointed by the Wattage limitations of their Machines, despite  what they were told by the Box Store Salesperson.

A Generator installation by JARS Electric Corporation, whether it be a fully Automatic Standby Generator with an Automatic Smart Transfer Switch,  or a Portable Generator with a Manual Transfer System,  will be a custom fit for the way you need to use it for your home.  Our installations will not only protect your Home and Appliances,  but our installation will give your Generator years of life as a result of carefully executed Load Management.

Contact JARS Electric Corporation for a free Cost Estimate on a Generator & Transfer System that fits your needs and your wallet.

Purchased in haste, many of our customers now regret their decision to buy their ever awkward, portable, gas generator, especially now that they have learned how limited 5000 or 6000 Watts of power is, as it compares to the total electrical demand of their home or business. Some also know from first hand experience, the dangers of a direct alligator clip connection to their Main Panel, without use of a mandatory transfer switch device to safely interface with the Power Utility wiring.

There once was a time when Automatic Generators were only huge, noisy, expensive hunks of moving parts, usually reserved for use in Schools, Hospitals and other Commercial/ Institutional applications. Many Generator Manufacturers now recognize the need for smaller, less expensive, outdoor units, (generally between 8KW and 65KW) for use by Home or small Business Owners. With the development of micro processors, the smaller stationary Generator Units can be linked to an Automatic Transfer switch, and safely integrated with your Electrical Service to provide Automatic Back-Up power during a Power Failure by the Electrical Utility Company you purchase power from.

Your concerns for storing volatile gasoline for your portable unit, or your apprehensions regarding the start-up problems associated with infrequently used Gasoline engines, may be a thing of the past.

Here are a few advantages over your portable unit:

Automatic Start-up during a power failure

A stationary installation with no need to drag a 200lb machine out into the snow or rain.

Plenty of Wattage capacity to power just about anything you want to run

An automatic ten minute exercising startup and shutdown cycle to keep the Generator in fit condition for those times you will need it to start-up… BY ITSELF !!

Save those Small Portable Units for those who need small, portable generator units, not for powering small parts of your Home.

Once Upon A Time, in order to use DC Battery power as an alternate Back-up System for a Building (almost always Commercial or Industrial), a room had to be devoted to ‘WET CELL’ (acid filled) Batteries, and a rather complex, motor driven exhaust system.  Today, we are typically using streamlined Battery Units to compliment Solar Voltaic Systems, in order to store power we might want to use in dark/cloudy weather, or during the night.   With just a couple of 68” tall X 22” wide X 10” deep Generac Battery Panels, you can store enough energy (roughly 17KWh) to operate a modest heating system, a refrigerator and a freezer unit overnight, until the sun rises and the Solar Panels start producing current again.  With Lithium Technology, no longer will you need a room filled with acid filled batteries, and thousands of dollars of ductwork and motor driven fans to exhaust the noxious fumes created by the Wet Cell Batteries.  

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