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As a Building ages, so does the electrical branch wiring serving your outlets, switches and lighting fixtures. This aging process will eventually affect the integrity of the wire insulation and the splices/connections to the electrical devices such as switches, outlets and fixtures. When the integrity of a circuit is compromised, it may short circuit to ground, (usually causing the circuit breaker or fuse to trip or blow), even worse, the circuit may develop a weak point or intermittent open connection which may produce enough arcing and heat to start a fire behind a device. Telltale signs of an intermittent open will be light dimming, or intermittent stoppage of electrical power (flashing lights or interrupted power at the outlets). This condition has the potential for starting a fire due to electrical arcing. Either condition will require Troubleshooting to identify, locate and correct the problem. Electrical Troubleshooting could be time consuming, tedious, and is often feared by the unqualified people in the Electrical Field.

At JARS Electric Corporation, we pride ourselves with the ability to logically assess and correct an electrical fault at your home or business. Don’t settle for anything less than a qualified professional to perform electrical troubleshooting, it may cost you more than you imagined!

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