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The responsibility of a Power Utility company is to transmit electrical power to your Home or Business. Their responsibility however, usually ends at the transition or splicing point which links their Overhead wiring to the vertical Service Entrance Cables attached to your Home (if you have an Underground Service, the Power Company will customarily provide service up to and including the Transformer). The remainder of the Electrical Equipment on and within your home or business, is Owner maintained (except for the Utility’s meter, but the box in which it mounts is also, usually the Owner’s responsibility).

Because we use many more electrical appliances and gadgets today than yesteryear, total electrical demands on a Home or Business have also increased, often more quickly than the Building’s Electrical Service which distributes the Utilities Power to the Building’s individual outlets, switches and lighting fixtures. When the electrical needs of the Owner is limited by archaic Service Equipment, it’s time for an Upgrade of the Electric Service, associated Entrance Cabling leading up to the Utility’s incoming cables, and most importantly, an upgrade of the Building’s Grounding System.

There are a number of key factors we need to account for during the assessment of ones needs to Upgrade their Electrical Service:

* What are the owner’s electrical demands?
* How is the home/business heated?
* How many motors are in use?
* How is domestic hot water produced?
* What is the overall lighting load ?

Very often we must dispel the owner’s belief that a Service Upgrade is the solution to a common problem: tripping circuit breakers or blowing fuses. Our response as always, is to explain to the Owner that continually tripping devices (breakers or fuses), is usually a result of circuit overloading, that is, too many appliances connected to a single circuit. We further explain that a Service Upgrade will alone, do very little to correct this condition. It may however, give the Owner additional circuit capacity which will be required to provide additional circuitry and outlets within the Home or Business. This addition of new outlets and circuitry will offset the appliance loads to reduce the tripping breaker and blowing fuse syndrome of the older, under-wired home or business.

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