All of your electrical needs done by a professional with years of experience at the best rates available. JARS Electric Corp is here to serve you .... have a look around our site and always remember HIRE A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN!

Serving Westchester County , Putnam County, Dutchess County and Orange County in New York State. Including Poughkeepsie, Beacon. 




Did you know that there are more Power Outages due to WINDS than to SNOW? Are you uncomfortable when warned of an upcoming March Storm ?

Let JARS Electric Corporation size up a Generator to your specific needs ! Why wait until a tree in your neighborhood falls on a power line, killing power to your Home until the Power Utility can find the time to service you and the rest of your neighborhood.


As a Building ages, so does the electrical branch wiring serving your outlets, switches and lighting fixtures. This aging process will eventually affect the integrity of the wire insulation and the splices/connections to the electrical devices such as switches, outlets and fixtures. When the integrity of a circuit is compromised


Communication between computer stations, or between computer stations and server computers, is essential to the operation of a small business. The wiring which links all the computers in a Network must be properly installed to avoid costly down-time. We provide expert wiring and equipment installation for a Computer Network environment

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